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Not Just Twenty Something, But All Should Travel Alone – At Least Once!

You know what they say about travel. It's rebellion in its purest form. And this is the right time to be a rebel. May...

What All You Can Do When Your Husband Works Abroad?

No one really wants to stay away from ones spouse after marriage but when your husband works abroad, turn it into a positive situation. The situation...

10-Odd Problems Only Those With Glasses Can Relate With!

Sadly, there are people who are not blessed with a perfect vision and for them being weak in the eyes sucks and life gets...

Comic Strip Dedicated To All You Introverts Out There!

There is no need to change for anybody...

Here’s Why We Need To Understand The Importance Of 20s!

'Stop chopping vegetables or planning your future sitting at home'. Your parents won't really tell you THIS. Yes, 20 isn't really a number this time, but...

BB7 Winner Gauahar Khan Backs Priya Malik For Susu Act!

Girl Power Missing in BB 9!!

Watch Live Cremation Experience At Shanghai’s Theme Park

Ever wondered what it feels like to be cremated? This new Chinese game will help quell your curiosity. Watch: https://youtu.be/gZyBkvEUTNQ Aptly named ‘Samadi — 4D Experience of Death’,...

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