Watch Live Cremation Experience At Shanghai’s Theme Park


Ever wondered what it feels like to be cremated?

This new Chinese game will help quell your curiosity.


Aptly named ‘Samadi — 4D Experience of Death’, the death simulator relies on a creepy coffin, dramatic special effects and heat to accurately emulate cremation. The morbid game was launched at Window of the World theme park in Shanghai in September last year.

This game uses dramatic special effects to simulate a feeling of dying, with players made to compete in a series of challenges to avoid “death”.

Those who are not successful are laid down on a fake crematorium conveyor belt which uses hot air and light projections to create an “authentic experience of burning”.


The “cremated” players are then taken into a soft, womb-like capsule to simulate “rebirth”.

Tickets for the death simulating experience costs RMB 249 ($40).


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