Chandigarh, The City Beautiful, was planned such that its residents got a perfect life. A city that today turns out to be a smart one is comprised of all those elements that a resident is in the need of. From proper lifestyle to locations that the whole nation wants to visit. Well the list goes on.

We thought of discussing some amazing spots that you don’t have to hunt for shopping. But these are not established markets but street shopping options a la Palika Bazar or Janpath or Sarojini Market of Delhi!

Shastri Market, Sector 22

Located in Sector 22 C, near famous Hotel Aroma that consists of various food joints, the Shastri Market offers numerous options under one roof. From head to toe, everything is available for a perfect attire.

Palika Bazar, Sector 19

Yet another great spot lined with wall to wall clothing shops will leave you bedazzled. Yes Sadar Bazar and Palika Bazar located in Sector 19, like the Shastri Market, offers N number of options of women’s clothing specially.

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Krishna Market, Sector 41

Well apart from just clothing, the Krishna Market offers you a variety of options. From eating joints to options for gifts with various choices. Krishna Market is located in Sector 41.

Burail Main Market

A place where you get everything. Well, everything! Located in Sector 45, you will have to hunt for particular shops as per your need. And mind me, don’t get lost in the gallis that you might get tired of walking.

Sector 34 Market

Small, yet carrying a lot of options for clothing specially for women is what Sector 34 Market offers you. Along with some famous eating joints, this market is also famous due to the adjacent Furniture Market.

Patel Market, Sector 15

Known throughout the city for its Chinese food items, Sector 15 market is also a hub for street shopping. It offers a variety of options, specially footwear.

Sector 17 Plaza

Street Shopping
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Being located in the heart of Chandigarh, Sector 17 is the hub of shopping. It offers the novelty of having branded stores and a street shopping too.



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