Soha Ali Khan Posted A Baby Bump Pic, And People With No Life Got No Chill!

Being a mother is a learning about strengths, you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. And then comes people who got no chill with what you are doing with your life. We wonder when that day would come in India where people will stop interfering ┬áin others life choices.

On one side Indian women are leading the world in the various walks of life. And on the other hand they are being suppressed for wearing clothes of their choice. It is high time such people should rethink before passing on comments to others. Soha Ali Khan recently posted a picture celebrating motherhood. She posted a picture of hers doing a yoga pose and few lifeless keyboard warriors lost their cool. She was abused, body shamed, insulted, and her family was abused as well.

This Is What Soha Ali Khan Posted on Insta

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But Imagine people can find even this offensive and shoot comments like these…

Soha Ali KhanSoha Ali KhanSoha Ali Khan


Celebs have always been a soft target of such filthy mided people, especially the female celebs. All we await is for the day when people see something online which they don’t like and simply ignore it.

h/t India Times