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What Does Your Sleeping Style Say About Your Relation!


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Rightly said by Patti Wood that because your subconscious mind controls the way you sleep with your partner, sleep body language can be an amazingly accurate way to assess what’s going on in your relationship — even if you can’t or don’t articulate those things while you’re awake.

The way we sleep speaks volumes about the state of our relationship and you can use your sleeping style to decode what it means:

Distance from the headboard


They say: People who sleep closer to the headboard tend to feel more dominant and confident, while those who place their heads further away from it tend to be submissive and have lower self-esteem…They are really a Space Hog!!

The Leg Hug

The Leg Hug

Legs tangled says two of you can’t get enough of each other – even when you are sleeping.

You sleep with nothing touching but your feet or legs


They say if your partner plays footsie with you in bed, it means he craves an emotional or sexual connection.

The Snuggle


The very nurturing posture that creates a sense of protection.

The Butt Kissers

The Butt Kisser

This means both partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another. Also means a confident couple that appreciates individual space.

Sleeping on bed ends without touching each other

Couple sleeping on the bed

If you and your partner sleep facing opposite directions with space in between, don’t worry!! This is actually a good thing. This says you are independent or have a desire to be more separate.

You face each other – The Tangle

A couple cuddling in bed

This extremely intimate position. It tends to happen when there is either intense emotions at play (like after lovemaking) or at the start of a romantic relationship.

The Spoon


It’s a very comforting position that’s sexual and says: I have got your back, you can count on me 😉

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