We all have different lives. For some, experiences have been harsh and for others smooth. We meet all kinds of people in life, with different personalities. Our upbringing, circumstances, experiences make the individual we are. And the difference gets clear with our body language. But one thing that unites us all is sitting. We all sit for hours. For many it is the requirement of their desk job, for many others it is all about being lazy. And when you are tired sitting you sit somewhere else, where it’s more comfy. But sitting is a huge part of our daily life isn’t it?

(Note: Sitting for long hours ca harm you, so get up and take a walk after you are finish reading this blog.)

And while you are ‘just’ sitting, the style says a lot about you. Check what it says about the posture you often sit in:

Sitting positions reveal a lot about you:

#1 Cross-Legged


It means you are one carefree person, who is emotionally flexible as well. It also shows that you are always open to new ideas in life.

#2 Straight 


Ah, this you can obviously guess. Person who often sits straight is a confident being. If you are often found sitting this way, it speaks volumes about your strong, reliable, trustworthy, personality. Also, this surely means you know how to get happiness out of small things in life. Not to forget you are a problem solver for many.

#3 Reclined


If you find yourself often reclined, you are one observant kinda person. You observe and analyse your surrounding carefully. Leaning back allows you to observe situations carefully and analytically. Now that you observe so carefully, it means you tend to know well about other peoples feelings and emotions.

#4 Crossed ankles


Crossing your ankles means you are refined and elegant, but open and down-to-earth. It also shows that your are in comfortable position wherever, you are. It shows the touch of royalty in your personality, with which you make everybody around you comfortable as well.

#5 Clutching Armrests


If you often sit using the arm rests it means that you are one sensitive soul. And always aware about the surroundings. Armrests makes you steady, emotionally and physically. Your friends & family always depend upon you as a their emotional support. No wonders you are one stable and grounded person in life.

#6 Crossing Arms


Arms crossed signals confidence, defensiveness, & strength. It can also mean you are being protective, as in protecting yourself from the whole world with your arms.
People with such sitting postures are often considered as thoughtful, serious and natural observers.

#7 Side Saddle


Sensitive, delicate, caring, these words defines your personality completely. You born with natural sweetness towards everybody. Oh, not forget this can also mean you are being flirtatious. Especially if you are sitting like this in front of someone, you are giving them a clear invitation of being open & available.

#8 Hands in Lap


This speaks so many thing about a person, firstly being shy & thoughtful. This can also mean that you are calm and always collected. You are always humble and would never judge others. Also you are an incredibly passionate person.

#9 Kneeling


It is not very common and easy position, it means you are being assertive and helpful. This is often the posture of parents and grandparents while having a conversation with their parents. It also speaks volumes about your leadership qualities and being a problem solver for one and all.

#10 Dead Centre


Sitting in the dead centre of a couch, bench, table et al means you are in full confidence.
Others might think twice but you will never do that, your confidence will make you take the centre. Also, confidence brings boldness to you and you make friends quite easily.

#11 Hands Clasped in Lap


It shows how emotional and passionate soul you are and have always been. People are attracted to you because of the passion you have for life. Your zest for living makes people naturally attracted to you.

So, were you able to identify your sitting style and what it says about you? 

h/t Littlethings.com

Images Sourced Laura Caseley


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