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Reasons Why Rig Vedic Culture Was Even Modern Than 2016!


Devashish Vaid
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This country has been exploited by many invaders and rulers who came and went after looting India for their personal benefits. The invaders might have left but there are people native to this country who are continuing to destroy one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

The history of Vedic India is known largely through its religious texts, the Vedas, which gave the period its name. The Vedas were recorded not only about the religion of the Vedic people, but also details of their lives. This gives us a perspective on their political, social & economic patterns. Let’s take a look at the social division of India during the Rig Vedic age and also why the Rig Vedic culture was modern than this century!

No caste system

Source : Wikipedia.org
Source: Wikipedia.org

No evidence of caste system has been found. Members of the same family were free to take different occupations. This is well illustrated in a hymn of 9th mandala.

Formal social division

Source : wikimedia.org
Source: wikimedia.org

The four-caste theory or the Chaturvarna style (having Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya & shudra) did not exist in those days.

Position of women

Source : cdn.historydisscussions.net
Source: cdn.historydisscussions.net

Women possessed a respectable status in the society, took part in tribal assemblies, even in religious sacrifices along with their husbands. While child marriage was not in existence, the marriageable age was 16 to 17 years for girls.

Widow remarriage in Rig Vedic culture

Source : crapshrap.com
Source: crapshrap.com

You read that right, widows were allowed to remarry. Unfortunately, as we got modern remarriage of widows became a taboo.

 Niyoga (Sanskrit: नियोग)

Source Harekrsna.com
Source Harekrsna.com

Also Niyoga, where a husband is either incapable of fatherhood or has died without a child, women were allowed to request a person to help her bear a child.

Polygamy & Polyandry existed

Source : Quora.com
Source : Quora.com

Polygamy – the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time – and polyandry – the form of polygamy in which a woman has more than one husband – was prevalent.

No purdah system

Source : Pinterest,com
Source: Pinterest,com

Parde mein rehne do was not what the women of Rig Vedic culture had to imbibe. They were respected and were given responsibilities more than that of taking care of merely the household.

Nature worshipers

Source : hamarahindustan.in
Source: hamarahindustan.in

The early Vedic people were nature worshipers. Neither they had temples nor idols. They prayed by the means of recitation of mantras.

Even better was motive of worship

Source : yourarticlelibrary.com
Source : yourarticlelibrary.com

They never worshiped for moksha or enlightenment. Their wishes were more practical and earthy in nature. They worshipped to get Praja (Children), Pashu (Cattle) and Dhana (wealth).

Don’t you think it is high time we went back in time, BC?  

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