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Problems Specy Guys Face: Eyeglasses On For Life On…!

These are the problems of every specy guy in the world.
“I always think about what it means to wear eyeglasses. When you get used to glasses you don’t know how far you could really see. I think about all the people before eyeglasses were invented. It must have been weird because everyone was seeing in different ways according to how bad their eyes were. Now, eyeglasses standardize everyone’s vision to 20-20. That’s an example of everyone becoming more alike. Everyone could be seeing at different levels if it weren’t for glasses.” ― Andy Warhol

Here are the many problems we bespectacled folks encounter on a regular basis:

1. Not being able to see in the middle of the night specially when you need to switch on the light to go to the washroom

2. It is so difficult to cry with the glasses on

3. Rubbing your eyes for long freak you out with the thought that you have spontaneously gone blind

4. Finding the right frame for your face is like finding a boyfriend

5. Looking extremely embarrassing in old photos of yourself

6. Being stereotyped as a nerd, librarian, geek, at times even a medical student, when you are not

7. Remembering to take your “eyes” everywhere – to the movies, to the concert. Overnight trips. Things get especially tricky when spare pair gets involved

8. Keeping up with eyewear trends

9. You hate when it rains and wish to have windshield wipers

10. Kissing is a challenge – the only thought in your mind is about your spects

11. Nowhere to put them down

12. You’re so blind when you wake up every morning..

13. Swimming with glasses is just not an option. You will never know what underwater beauty looks like

14. When you cannot read the menu and have to ask for help to read it

15. We’ll never be able to fly fighter planes in the military

16. If you fall asleep with your glasses while watching tv or reading novel…


Aratrika Atwal
Aratrika Atwal
Sweet & simple with great observations, can find out stuff which exists for all but never seen.


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