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How About Some Handpicked Zodiac Tattoos? Would You Get INKED Now?



People have been getting tattoos done since time immemorial. It says a lot about you. Getting a tattoo is a big deal, talks all about your personality. But the most difficult part of getting a tattoo done is deciding what to get inked with. So what if we make it easy for you and help you take the decision, something that suits you. Our zodiac signs basically explain our character and based on that we have searched just the right tattoo…


To match that well directed high energy, an arrow is the best option. You are one competitive force and nothing holds you back, so a bee would also be a perfect choice for you. Rest what heart says, is the best.

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You love life going the way you want it, the way of a well deserved holiday after a lot of work. Life is at its best for you when things are going finer, so a palm tree would be a great choice. As a palm tree represents the sense of reward and pleasure. And you are one super romantic and highly senti-mental person. So for some, a heart or a favourite nickname would be great choice too.

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You are always ready to fly high, you are born with wings not visible to all. Time to make them visible to all, get a tattoo of feathers, wings, or birds may be. Also your duality makes you see things from different sides. So you might also like a tattoo with dual meanings, or styles, or may be a white tattoo?

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You are somebody whose love for family, tradition is ain’t going any weaker. For you having a stable world is no less than a peaceful life like of a sage. Try a heartbeat, an anchor or a name tattoo of your dear ones.

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Leos are natural bosses, they tend to be using the spotlight, your purposeful driven nature pairs perfectly with crown or lion. After a lion is perfect tattoo for you, that’s what you are and it is your animal.

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These are my favourite kinda people. So detail oriented that they would love to have a detailed geo tattoo. As your mind is always awake and going, a quote with which you connect well would also work.

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Other zodiac signs coming soon…

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