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Myths About Acne That You Follow Blindly!



The most common and embarrassing daily problem is of acne and most frustrating is to find a solution to it. There are a lot of creams available out there for those who find themselves dealing with acne. We are sure you’ve seen some products advertised on TV. We all have. They all promise an effective way to get rid of your acne. Some of them do work, getting rid of blemishes with continuous uses, and it’s also great that you can buy many of these products from your local pharmacy or online through a site like this online Canadian pharmacy.

For those looking for a more natural way of getting rid of their acne, there are alternative remedies that many people choose the use, such as essential oils, acupuncture, herbal teas, and many more. Of course, using a topical cbd would be a safe bet. However, with the development of acne come the myths of what causes them to appear and how to get rid of them.

Many myths abound when it comes to acne and here I am listing some myths about acne, making it important for every girl to know who is suffering from this problem.

People say acne is something that only happens to teenagers

Teens definitely suffer from acne problem the most. But the fact is that everyone develops acne once in lifetime. So this is common problem of every age.


Eating chocolates, oily food causes acne

Your diet has nothing to do with it!


Acne is completely unrelated to what we eat. It’s not clear whether acne is caused by diet or genetics, but I think it’s related to our skin condition.

More make-up mean more acne


Cosmetics with high content of chemicals will definitely cause breakouts. These products can clog pore and pimples but the right make up can actually improve and cover acne.

Frequent washing of face reduce pimples

washing face

The more you wash your face, the more dryness and irritation you would feel. Washing your face more often can actually spread the infection further and leave a scar.

Squeezing acne can eliminate pimples well from your face


Girls often squeeze pimples. But let me tell you, it is absolutely wrong as this can cause wounds, redness, and perhaps more dangerous scars that won’t go away. So, do not ever squeeze or break pimples on the skin.

Toothpaste can cure acne


Mostly our elders suggest this…..but trust me toothpaste can not cure acne at all. To cure acne, you should use topical like benzoyl peroxide or better to ask your doctor before using any acne medication.

Sweating helps get rid of acne


Some believe you can sweat out your acne by going to a steam room or using hot towels. But in fact, some studies suggest that high temperatures and humidity can worsen the condition, so you might be best to keep it cool.

Sunlight makes acne better


This is not completely true. We all know that sunburn is actually skin damage. Sun exposure can cause irritation which can make acne worse. (depends on type of skin)

But yes!! Limited exposure of areas prone to acne to sunlight is really a wise thing.

Stress causes acne


Now, this is what I agree too. Stress can cause acne. Stress creates a hormonal imbalance in the body, which can lead to acne. For glowing and charming skin pals, do not take stress, do your best and forget the rest.

Acne occurs when face is dirty

People feel unclean face is cause of acne but that’s not true. The truth: it’s likely, the connection between skin condition and dirt was made because blackheads are, well, black – but blackheads are not caused by dirt, either.

acne and dirt

For all those suffering from acne for a long time, hope these suggestions would help you. If you’re looking for possible treatments consider some CBD oil UK from companies similar to Blessed CBD. They provide high-quality products that should assist in the reduction of your acne.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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