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What Is Your Meaning Of Freedom, Woman?

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It is that time of the year when the internet will be flooded with patriotic messages and discussions on how India should be and how it is.

So at Khurki, we too did some digging and some talking to know what you, the woman, would want to change, if given a chance.

And we are not talking about deporting Sunny Leone, this is serious stuff.

1. We want to see more women on bikes. Women Power!

If they can fly planes, why not.

2. Take off the pressure to get married at 21 0r 28. We want to get married when we are ready.

Why can’t we eat, drink and be merry till we please??

3. We want to adopt a dog or a pet and call him our family.

And that includes strays too.

4. We want to express our true emotions at all times

Laugh, cry, jump at will. Cut the pretense.

5. We want to be heard and hear you out too

Respect my opinion and I will yours.

6. Have desserts without feeling guilty

Indulge without worrying of staring eyes.

7. Be comfortable with my body, without being told

It’s my body, my life.

8. We want husbands who are happy playing the role of a homemaker

Time we broke the stereotype.

9. We want to cycle to office

We hate gyms, why can’t we just walk.

10. We want to make graffiti without fearing the cops

Artistic freedom please!



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