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Fall or Rise: Only true Love or a real Guru can save you

As a human your falling, failing, winning and walking again is a part of the process. But as a human who is bettering each day in this journey, it is important to become a better human and evolve each passing breath. The problem with most humans is that that they are unable to break the toxic patterns because they accept these negative patterns as their destiny.

Two things that can save you and rescue from these patterns is either a guru or a true lover. Which means only two things from this life go beyond your grave, that is true love and your faith. Now as you read this it seems very easy, but its a tough deal because neither following a good guru is easy, nor true love is an easy road. This body, its identity and programming of all blood and water relationships are the strings that keep us bound and tied, here. So as both these paths of love and faith are tough and really challenge you hard, so we convince ourselves in the name of social acceptance and sacrifices we keep falling low and low, we find people who make our existence glorious and thus our ego helps us to live this life of mind games .But is this peace my friend? Are you happy. you would say yes I am, at least i didn’t hurt my family, i kept my promises, but what about your commitment to self to be born, face challenges evolve, grow spiritually and go to the next level. I know I’m writing tough stuff here, but how low will you go. Stop this money, ego and self pity deal. You ruined yourself, because you betrayed your true love, and till the time you wont walk the path of truth, acceptance n surrender, your GURU wont appear.

So Talk to the mirror. stop this endless fall of your karma, your fake life and lies are only digging your road to lower realms of hell. Please practice goodness, live a truthful life and move on ahead the path of purity, divinity and love. Face the challenges and break these toxic patterns, because these challenges, circumstances will keep coming back in a loop till you learn the lessons they want you to learn. So my friend Keep seeking, move on this path of love, truth, faith and connect inside.





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