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Wake Up Mothers Of India! It’s Now Or Never.

An eye opener for all the mothers of India.

Mothers of India have this interesting trait of not believing that their sons have grown up. The spoof bring the way boys fool their moms. SEX EDUCATION NEEDED!

The reason is not to make fun of her or to hurt her but have their cake! The problem is not with boys, but the mothers of India who don’t want their sons to grow up.

Check the video and those who identify with this character, try being a good dad at least!


1. video was alright… but i feel mothers and girlfriends know about you.. and they don’t create issue because they love you.. 🙂 anyway good effort but sorry somethings are not up to the mark.. all males are not behind sex only..!!

2. I can actually relate so much that now I feel I have not been a good son :((((

3. great effort. i appreciate you. but you know what. at some point moms and girlsfriends ko sab pata chal jata hai. they don’t make it a huge issue because you are way tooooo precious,but it comes at the cost of health for many moms and wives. kitni pressure leti hongi yeh raaz chupake ki apne bache itni zaleel hai. please don’t underestimate them as fools, appreciate their unconditional love.

4. total shitt…try to respect your mother

5. you must change your name from salil to zalil lol

comment credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TukL88qKm2U)



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