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People You Must Be Grateful To This Independence Day!


A thank you is such a short and sweet word, but we are using it to so sparingly these days. Use it on 15th August and gift a smile to somebody.

What we are today is due to many people who played their part in our lives. If you have never stopped and told them you were grateful to them, do it now.

To “Thank You” is such a simple yet an incredibly effective way to make someone’s day. Try it, it will make you feel good and the other person super special. However, there are a lot of people in our lives who help us in more ways than one but whom we never stop to thank.

People like:

1. Time to give guru dakshina to your teachers

Thank you Ma’am!

2. The uncle who gave you his seat in Metro today

He made your day, make his. Tomorrow give him your seat with a smile.

3. The shopkeeper who has a secret stash of Maggi just for you

Thank him for it, with a smile.

4. Thank your mother-in-law

She is after all your second mother. And she gave you her son.

5. Your brother for being a nuisance that never goes away

Instead of fighting, go up and say thank you.

6. Your colony security guard whose name you don’t know

Say thank you to him, for being there.

7. Your hair stylist

Have you ever wondered about the important part that he or she plays in making you look pretty and handsome.



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