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Get Rid Of Your Love Handles With Our Diet Tips!



Have you tried everything to get rid of your mushroom shaped hanging fat called love handles? Okay, you tried but failed and now you just don’t have a solution. Don’t worry, we can understand your plight perfectly. We have for you today some diet tips which includes some drinks that will help you shed that extra fat. If this doesn’t help you then you may want to get Orange County liposuction CosmetiCare to get rid of them so you can feel better about your body.

Start sipping and see the fat vanish…

1. Vegetable juice to curb your hunger

love handles

Drink a glass of homemade juice to feel full throughout the day. It will help you in shedding that extra fat too. Just drop all the veggies you like in a blender and have it for breakfast. If you’re stuck for inspiration, there are tonnes of juicing recipes that you can follow.

2. Sugarless green tea is a global mantra

love handles

The whole world swears by the benefits of green tea. It speeds up your metabolism and helps in weight loss. You can have it cold or hot, and add a dash of honey for an extra flavour.

3. Water – The best option to lose those love handles

love handles

Water is the cheapest and the most-effective remedy for weight loss. If you want to make it more delightful, then drop some lemon slices in your next intake. If you’re the kind of person who’d rather just have a quick fix than change their entire lifestyle, you could freeze fat cells which sends signals to your body that they are no longer active, so that it breaks them down. It’s an effective treatment alternative, but a change in diet could encourage more long-lasting effects.

4. Energy booster black coffee

love handles

Coffee is known to beat hunger and give you an extra boost of energy for a great start to your day. Try and have it black with no sugar.

5. Skimmed milk for nutrients

love handles

Low fat milk is rich in vitamins and essential nutrients and low in fat. One cup full can give you your quota of Vitamin D for the day. Make your bones strong and feel fit.

6. Lime water, that too empty stomach

love handles

A glass of lime water taken early morning can greatly help in reduction of fat. It keeps the liver to refresh and improves its functioning. Try having it with lukewarm water for better results.

7. Kiwi Juice is one tasty drink for fat loss

love handles

If you don’t like vegetable juice then try having kiwi or pineapple juice instead. You can lose many kilos by drinking a glass of kiwi juice regularly.

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