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Lessons We Must Learn From Famous Bollywood Breakups!

We are in the fourth month of the year 2016 and we have witnessed so many Bollywood breakups & separations. Many couples have called it quits this year. Really sad, no? With so many breakup stories coming in, Khurki thought of sharing with you some lessons that it  learnt from these breakups, so that you can save your relationship from sinking.

Hrithik Roshan & Sussane Khan

Lesson: Partners can go astray.

A couple so much in love and seen as the biggest example of a happy marriage gave us the shocker when they announced their separation. Media sources suggested it was Hrithik’s consistent alleged affairs that created the trouble.

Advice: Honesty is sometimes the only way through a breakup.

Image Source
Image Source

Sushant Singh Rajput & Ankita Lokhande

Lesson: Don’t let career take a toll on your personal life.

This duo made for one of the cutest couples in Bollywood, but sadly they too have called it quits. Purported problem: career. Sushant is rising high in Bollywood while Ankita is still stuck in the television world. Moreover, Sushant’s closeness with co-star Kriti Sanon is also seen as a reason for their breakup.

Advice: Every relationship requires loyalty, trust, support and equality.

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Image Source

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

Lesson: Mutual respect.

In today’s world, women can have it all – a glittering career, a loving husband and a family only when she feels like. Every relationship demands sacrifice, compromise, trust, support, understanding and freedom. It was rumoured that Virat wanted to settle down with Anushka while Anushka had other plans and wasn’t ready for marriage.

Advice: Plan your life keeping your partner’s needs in mind.

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Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Arora

Lesson: Communication is the key.

Some say Malaika likes another man while some say it’s about the financial condition of Arbaaz Khan, which isn’t that great. Well, make sure that your communication with your partner is excellent and you will be able to tide over all differences.

Advice: There should be no misunderstandings.

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Farhan Akhtar & Adhuna

Lesson: Don’t take relationships for granted.

One thing that we learn from this breakup is that your relationship cannot survive on its own. You will have to put in an effort to make it work.

Advice: Keep the love alive or long term relationships can also break.

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Image Source

Ranbir Kapoor & Katrina Kaif

Lesson: Understand your partner’s needs.

From this breakup, we could smell insecurity, jealousy and ‘ex’ effect. Trust is a big thing in relationships. If you know your partner does not like you talking to your ex, it’s all right if you call it quits with your ex. It’s not necessary for you to be friends with everyone.

Advice: Listen to your partner’s needs and try to understand their situation too.

ranbir and katrina
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