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And You Thought Women Were Predictable? Think Again!

No, they’re aren’t easy to catch up in terms of judgement nor are they very reasonably predictable. What a girl says is NEVER what she really means… And what she actually means is something you can never think of! You can think of gauging her emotions after going through what we are saying, but sadly my friend…this ‘riddle’ is unsolvable!

‘Hmm’…One thing that can’t be explained ever…

It’s the feel. You’ll have to be aware enough to notice.

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‘I see’…. means ‘I don’t believe you’

She doesn’t let you know what’s on the inside. This might be a statement made to make things work and improve situations, simultaneously.

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‘OK’ suggests you better ‘Shut Up’

No, she’s not pleased and Yes, she wants you to STOP right there before she steps in.

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‘Everything is fine’… When it’s definitely ‘NOT’

No, she’ll hardly explain how she feels…but you need to keep that in mind for future.

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‘Go’ doesn’t really means you should ‘Leave’!!!

It rather asks you to stay and clear the unsaid things.

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‘Never mind’ could be ‘You won’t understand’

You really won’t because ‘the biggest mystery in this universe is WOMEN’, says Stephen Hawking.

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‘Good’…it’s ‘Anger’ Time

Well, raise your hands if she confuses you with a ‘Good’ in a firm tone!

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‘Do whatever you want’ is simple: ‘If you do it, it’s over’

Have the guts to do what she says and you pay back big time!

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‘No’…is actually ‘Yes’

No every time doesn’t really mean a clear ‘NO’.

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‘Yes’…never means the affirmative, could be ‘Maybe’

Confusion overloaded!

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‘Maybe?’…is definitely ‘NO’

It actually asks you to…FUCK OFF!!!

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Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
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