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Kissan Shows How Network Disconnects Us All!



How irritating it is when a “buzurg” of our family asks us questions related to some new technology. We think they are from some ancient world of their own, they don’t know what life is all about these days.

But seriously ask yourself: “What IS life all about these days?”

Heads are always down, not in shame but on to a 5-inch smart phone through which we see the world. But what about the world around us. We always share the picture of flowers with good morning on it, but do we really contribute towards the existence of flowers. Gardening is not for retired people or homemakers. How emotions have lost their expression? Why is it so difficult to express love & care?

This advertisement of Kissan shows how network disconnects us all. This video will definitely put your head down & this time not on to a 5-inch smart phone, but in shame. This is the high time we should see through the world with naked eyes & not lens.

Lessons are not in books alone. There are a lot of people to teach you. We need proper education not for kids but for adults too. Educating them about life, how beautiful it is beyond a 5-inch screen and so very close to you, but you never bothered to see the beauty of it.

WATCH: This Kissan advt video & don’t share, just practice what it says!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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