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10 Annoying Things Your Boyfriend Does And You Hate It!

Boyfriends in love are the cutest ever! But love isn’t a walk in a beautiful garden, as with roses come thorns. In short, men are from Mars and women from Venus and you cannot change that.

Your girlfriend will hate you as much as she loves you, simply because you annoy her in little ways.

So what are some of those annoying habits you are not aware of!!

Let’s have a look..

Late replies

Yeah after being online when someone replies late it is so damn irritating.

Khurki suggest, guys never do this as your girl should be your priority, reply her first.

Lame excuses

Baby, I have to do this, I have to do that blah blah…

Oh common…excuses should be ignored at least..

Love for games

They just hate when being ignored because of some stupid games.

Candy crush should be crushed for them!!!

4. Always busy

No call, No message, No time and hence No importance.

Khurki advice: You should keep some “us time” during the day where you both sit and talk to each other.

Bad listener

The most common problem with the male species! All a woman wants is for you to pay attention to what she says.



I love the way you lie.

Just a song and a myth. In fact, most hateful thing you can do is by lying to your girl.

Other girls

Whenever u talk too much about other girls or you are staring at legs and cleavages because..that is just downright disrespectful. Beware, you are in a danger zone as no girl can deal calmly with this.

For granted

Yes, everyone hates to be taken for granted so does your girl. So, never ever fall into this mistake.

Never compliments

A new haircut, or a new dress for your date, or whips up a new recipe for you – she’s doing it all for you.

It is very frustrating when boyfriends overlook all these things that their partner does for them.

When he compares you!

She will never take you seriously if you compare her to another girl or your ex.

It is just intolerable for them, so guys don’t ever dare to compare her looks with another girl.. Everyone is unique!

Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!


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