When It Comes To Festivities Indians Are The Best!

Festivities are just around the corner. And we Indians are very passionate about our festivals and their customs.

We just don’t get tired of celebrating one festival after the other. Like many other countries, Indians are a funny lot when it comes to making merry. They like to go a little over board. But all in the good spirit.

We picked for you today some typical humorous things that all Indians do in the festive season. And we can bet you do most of them too.

1. Once the drums start beating, even the laziest get up. And once they get into the mood, they care two hoots about the beat, the steps or how they look. They just like to dance their heart out


2. The women go crazy shopping and the shopkeepers can’t stop stacking. And we don’t shop a few days before, we actually start shopping months in advance

Sonam Kapoor

3. We like to pray – God size. Come festivals and you will see Gods in all sizes and his so called sincere devotees in all creeds roaming the streets with boxes for donation.


4. Festivals means busy kitchens from morning till late at night. Mothers and grandmothers dishing out traditional dishes in all types and flavours. What’s a festival without hogging?


5. Festivals mean the right time to do well. So most of us keep those special dates in these days. Buy a car, house, get married, open a new business. It can’t go wrong. After all, God is with you