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10 Photos Taken Right Before Death!


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Ever heard of capturing death?

Ever tried to capture something that gets you famous overnight on social media?

Well..many tried…some didn’t survive…tragedies happen when one tries to go beyond the safety limits…but at times minor mistakes can prove to be very fatal…

Check out these 10 photos which were taken right before death and know for yourself how at the glimpse of an eye, life can be finished..sad but true..!!

1. Gun shot Girl

This girl was testing her amateur skills in analyzing a loaded gun and what happened next is pretty predictable.


2. Regina Kay Walterz

This girl in the picture is Regina who was killed by Robert Ben Rhoades right after this picture was clicked.

regina kay wlters-khurki.net

3. 9/11 attack victims

This man jumped out of the window during the 9/11 attack while he was burning with flames on his back. He somehow thought there would be someone down there to catch him, but alas!!


4. Chechen villagers before they were shot to death


5. An amazing supernatural picture: The camera caught this sister’s Theophany in the room right before her death


6. Indian youth tries to save his life by hanging on to the power line before diving in the flood waters of the overflowing Ganges river.


7. Engineers trapped during windmill repair and moments later, they were seen embracing each other before dying

windmill-khurki.net 2015-10-02_133824

8. This picture was taken right before the girl in the red shirt fell in Niagara Falls. Standing on the ledge, she is presumed to be the victim


9. March 22, 1978: Karl Wallenda, 73, died when he fell while walking between the two 10-storey towers of the Condado Plaza Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico


10. NYPD officer Moira Smith helps an injured man on the morning of 9/11/2001. After the photo was taken, she was killed when the south tower collapsed


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