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What Happens When You Don’t Want To Workout!



Well, not all of us are hard workers and probably only some of us are concerned about our bodies. That’s why the ratio of the fit ones is much lower than those who are unfit.

But sometimes, little issues like time, money, injury, laziness, etc. interfere in our life when we’re planning to work out. But if you believe in yourself, then there’s a way out for every problem…time can be managed, money can be made, injury can be healed and laziness can be overcome…NO?

Here are some losses you’ll have to face when you’re unfit or not working out for your OWN body. But KHURKI wants to spread awareness by telling you the disadvantages of not working out…

1. You’re one of the common people who don’t workout

2. You may become thin or fat

3. You’ll have to work harder to gain what you’ve lost

4. Where will you reduce your stress?

I’m drowning,and you’re stealing every breath

5. You’ll become too lazy

6. Your body shape will change


7. You’ll be more into junk food 

KHURKI honestly doesn’t want you to become any of these and advises you to take out a little time for yourself where a workout can help you feel alive, active and finally a fit person!

You just need to have the will and there will be many ways for you…

And just for an inspiration, here’s what you can begin with, but at your discretion:

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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