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No Love! Here’s How To Sail Through V-Day?


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Simranjeet Kalra
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It is a sad fact that many people will be alone this Valentine’s Day. They could be single or may be turned down by someone. As depressing as it already is without someone special, here are a few things to remind yourself and survive Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is now a commercial holiday

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Valentine’s Day has become a Hallmark holiday. It’s a gimmick for selling the most flowers cards and chocolates people can. A catholic/Christian view of this day is the feat’s day of St. Valentine which was the patron saint of lovers.

There are plenty of people like you

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Remember that you are not the only one alone, single or turned down. There are around 60 million people who will celebrate this holiday alone.

Avoid people who brag too much

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Please avoid people who bluff or talk too much about their partners or their Valentine’s Day gifts or ideas. Stay with someone who is single or someone who understands how you would feel.

Avoid couples…

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Stay away from your couple friends, it will be in your and their best interest. Even if you are asked to join them, please avoid doing so, as you will witness a lot of affection which is bound to ruin your day and will make you feel like you are tagging along.

Meet your family

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Visit your grandparents, or cousins or your father and spend time with your support system. Love is unconditional and your family’s love for you is as pure as love can be. So cherish it with them.

Me Time

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Appreciate yourself, make time for yourself. Go out on a stroll or give yourself a spa treat. Indulge in yourself and don’t bother with what the world is up to.


Don’t let the confetti and the pink hearts somber the love in your heart. Rejection and being alone is part of life. It is God preparing you for better times ahead. Be positive and do something to take your mind off things. Love, always!

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