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Hugs Are Infectious, Do Give One This Hug Day!

For the best medicine, hit NEXT

Hugging is a good medicine, a form of communication. A hug can say things you don’t have the words for. It transfers energy and gives the person hugged an emotional lift. You usually can’t give one without getting one. And not just a normal hug but when someone picks you up, sweeps you off your feet, squeezes you tight, spins you around, hurts your tummy but still makes you smile, leaves you breathless, gives you butterflies and makes you giggle… Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? KHURKI found such more hugs for this Hug Day….just hit NEXT!

Perfect hug

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The ones where you are hugged super tightly for a long long time without anything being said. You get such a relief after it, which makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a good sign of deep love and affection that your partner is not even ready to leave you. You are really lucky to have such a person in your life. Keep him forever.

Surprise hug

Hug day
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The ones where you’re busy doing your own thing and surprisingly he comes from behind to hug you unexpectedly. Make you feel instantly closer to each other. Really a sweet gesture by your loved one which gives you butterflies in the stomach. It can really make your day.

Spinning hug


The ones where you are hugged from behind and spun around in circles. It says I am so glad to see you and I missed you so much. It helps you forget all your tensions and calms you in an extreme manner. It makes you feel great and happy as well. It conveys that he is happy to have you and really appreciate your presence in his life.

In-the-air hug

Hug day

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The ones where you run up to him and he has his arms open all wide. You just run and end up lifting your legs when he carries you. Kind of very adorable, which makes the feeling of loneliness disappear from your mind and it is a way of saying thanks for being in his life.

Sleepy hug

Hug day
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The ones where you wrap your arms around each other and you lay your head on his shoulder and rest for a while. For you, it means ‘I feel safe in your arms ‘ and for him ‘I’ll always be there to protect you’. One of the best feelings you get when someone leans on you like this and it is a favourite hug with girls.


Life is too short, hug a little longer, love a little stronger, forgive a little sooner and smile a little sweeter. KHURKI advice: Try all these hugs this Hug Day to make it more memorable and overwhelming. Happy Hug Day!

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Aanya Manchanda
Aanya Manchanda
Strong yet sensitive, loving and giving yet not expecting, being there yet not imposing, ambitious yet grounded, determined yet subtle!


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