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OMG! This Girl Was Frozen For 500 Years! Really?


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Okay so dear friend you really need to sit down straight before you start reading this one ‘coz this might make your butt slip from your chair..!!

I am going to tell you about a girl who is frozen since 500 years..!! Really..!!

Momia Juanita also known as the Inca Ice Maiden and Lady of Ampato, is the well-preserved frozen body of an Inca girl who was killed as an offering to the Inca gods sometime between 1450 and 1480 when she was approximately 11–15 years old.

This is how she looked when she was found  on Mount Ampato in southern Peru in 1995 by an anthropologist.


The body caused a sensation in the scientific world due to its well-preserved condition. The body and other on-spot items which were found from that place were transported to Arequipa, where the body was initially kept in a special refrigerator at Catholic University.


Like only a few other high-altitude Inca mummies, Juanita was found frozen and thus her remains and garments were not desiccated like that of mummies found in other parts of the world. She was naturally mummified, instead of being artificially mummified, such as is the case with Egyptian mummies. Her skin, organs, tissues, blood, hair, stomach contents and garments are extremely well-preserved, offering scientists a rare glimpse into Inca culture during the reign of the Sapa Inca Pachacuti.


Recently, it was discovered that this mummy which is also called ‘The Maiden’ was suffering from a bacterial infection when she died. The mummy was suffering from an illness similar to tuberculosis when she was sacrificed.

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