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Remembering The Ghazal Sensation Of All Times Jagjit Singh!



Although ghazals by Jagjit Singh can make any evening memorable, if you listen to him in winters, you instantly get transported to a different zone. The man with the most soulful voice had managed to touch the hearts of so many generations.

And even after he is gone, his ghazals and his music continue to inspire us. We have for you today some lesser known facts about the maestro.

1. His father had wanted him to become an IAS officer and a singer

2. Jagjit Singh has two brothers and four sisters

3. He started his career by singing ghazals at weddings and by composing jingles in Mumbai

4. He lost his only offspring Vivek at the young age of 21 in a car accident. Chitra Singh never sang after that day

5. It was Jagjit Singh who had insisted that the lyricist too should get a share from the profits

6. The maestro came from a very humble background and had studied under the light of a lamp post in his school days

7. ‘Beyond Time’ was his first album to be recorded in the CD form in 1987

8. It was Jagjit Singh who offered Kumar Sanu his first break

9. The tickets of his concert ‘Live at Royal Albert Hall’ went sold out in the first three hours


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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