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9 Funniest Things When You Have A Guy Best Friend!


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Wish this could be as true as it sounds. But people are always after ruining your happiness. Earlier, it was considered normal when people thought two best friends of the opposite sex were a couple. It was okay to explain to them, but as time passed all you got was an angry look. Being judged is something that always hurts, but what hurts more is being judged for something you are not. All you end up with is a fake smile on the face saying “no-no”. If you also have a guy best friend, here are the things you would definitely relate to…

“Yes, we are dating” – that’s what they want to hear!


And be ready for that suspicious look when you remind them everytime – “He is my “Best Friend” Got it? and you really don’t know how to explain the “un-attraction”

“Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte”


“Yeh to ek parda hai parda…kapkapati raaton mein dhadakte hue dillon Ki bhadakti hui aag ko bujhane ka”…. You know this iconic dialogue is coming from Mohnish Behl’s “Ek ladka Ek ladki”, so let’s sing “when they bug, grab ear plug!”

When you are nudged to write “it’s complicated” on FB


And you are like “Why? Oh why?”!!

When you fight over a Manchurian ball, smack and punch each other


And aunty on the next table is like “Aagey zindagi kaise chalegi??”

You tease each other with that wierdo guy and girl you see on the street


And then you end up arguing how bad wife or husband each would make to be.

Your love will have to go through a ‘stress interview’ first


For you both are 100% sure of each other’s “bad choice”.

World expects chivalry from him and sophistication from you


For the “couple” that entered their restaurant was weird – “The girl was talking with her mouth full and eating like a glutton. The guy didn’t pull the chair for the girl and they shared their bill equally.” Isn’t this strange?

When you go for a movie and you tell them ‘Upper-Middle’ before they presume about your choice

croner seat

Ask ok please!

And when you realize why just they can’t digest your friendship, you have an answer ‘Bollywood’


When in most Bollywood and even Hollywood movies, the storyline “creatively” pushes every friendship into love mode at the end, you wish there were certainly more movies which could teach our society some amazing friendships without any reason, benefits or future plans irrespective of one’s gender.

Till then, have popcorn!

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