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Fears That Women Can Never Think Men Have!



Mard ko dard hota hai, aur darr bhi lagta hai.

Don’t smirk. We are very serious. Men who call themselves ‘macho’ could have lots of fears deep down in them.

And this is true for every man. Fears are natural. Every human being can be fearful. It is high time men start accepting their fears and try fighting them with the help of their loved ones.

And in case they don’t accept them, here is a list of men fears for you ladies that you can subtly help them with. Ignorance doesn’t get you anywhere.

It’s not about knowing the secret but knowing the reality and helping them out.

Fear of getting stuck in the zip

What if the ‘blade’ which makes them look good, gives them a scar for life

Fear of getting kicked right there or any sort of injury for that matter!

Have I been able to sexually satisfy her?

Am I strong enough to guard my family in case of an emergency?

Am I a good son/father/husband/brother?

What if my partner is cheating on me?

Am I making enough money?

Can I be a good husband or a son at the same time?

It is okay to have fears. But winners never quit and quitters never win! Keep the chin up and fight your fears with a little help from your loved ones.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
Humour, creativity, writing, travel, music and non-stop chattering describe me the best!!! Find me on: Facebook |  Twitter

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