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These Facts About Birthday Boy Messi Make Khurki Love Him Even More!


Priya Aurora
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The truth must be told!

Lionel Messi can do anything!

We have seen him dribble past the entire defense, chip the ball over the keeper and stay absolutely calm while at it.


The adoration can go on endlessly. But on his birthday today, we give you solid facts, which prove that Messi is the greatest footballer of our times.

1. Debut at 16


While you were busy ogling at girls at 16, Messi was making his senior debut. He even scored his first goal at 17.

2. Awarded the No. 10 jersey


At just 22 years of age, he was rightfully awarded the jersey number 10. In the past, the likes of Ronaldinho and Rivaldo have worn it.

3. The best goals in football history

If you wanted to inspire somebody to play football, just show him the greatest goals that Messi has scored.

4. Barcelona signed Messi at 13


Did you know that Messi suffers from a Growth Hormone deficiency? Despite that, Barcelona paid for his treatment, offered his family jobs and even relocated them to a new continent.

Messipower !!

5. Catalans signed him on a paper napkin

He signed his first contract on a paper napkin. And he was just 13 then.

6. No history of injuries


Messi has been very lucky when it comes injuries. He’s practically indestructible!

7. Loyal as a royal


Despite half the women on this planet swooning over him, Messi has stuck to his childhood sweetheart!!!

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