Facts About Adele All Her Fans Should Know!


Her album 25 has just taken the world by a storm and the lady continues to enthrall us with her sense of music and her awesome voice. We have for you today, some interesting facts about Adele. Adele is coming to Birmingham as part of her first tour for four years. Hot on the heels of winning four Brit Awards, she will be appearing at the Genting Arena on March 29 and 30 and April 1 and 2. But how much of her do you really know?!

Just because stars have mansions…

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Once she became a star she bought a mansion with ten bedrooms and also admitted that she will only be using one. She now lives at the “Hove’s Millionaire’s Row” in Brighton.

Adele’s sweet tooth

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She likes to take two sugars in her tea.

The Forbulous Adele

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Forbes ranked her as the sixth highest paid celebrities younger than 30, in 2012.

She believes in “Buri Nazar”

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Adele chose to keep the name of her son a secret for 94 days. It was later revealed to be Angelo.

That’s why she is a true rockstar!


Her album 19, went platinum four times in UK. Her album 21 was the number one in USA for 23 weeks. The longest run for any album since 1985.

Woah! Three Guinness world records


She has three Guinness records to her name. The first female artist with two albums and two singles in the UK Top 5. The first female solo artist to hold the top spot for many weeks in UK, for the album 21. Her album 21 broke the record for the longest run for an album in UK.

Singer since school days

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The lady has graduated from the BRIT School and had Jessie J and Leona Lewis as classmates. And she is not an overnight wonder, she has actually been singing from the age of four.

A tattoo lover

She has five tattoos on her body. Two on her wrist, two on hands and a last one behind her right ear.

When you write not for fame but…

Her debut song ‘Hometown Glory’ was written at the age if 16, while still in her hometown. Her albums reached the top spot in twenty six countries.

Prachi Sehgal
Prachi Sehgal
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