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Reasons Why Buying Experiences Are Better Than Shopping For Happiness!

You are given an option for opening a package with two compartments.

One has a piece of exquisite jewellery and the other one has two tickets for a world tour. Which one would you pick?

Undoubtedly, the jewellery is stunning and could be your reason for being an attention grabber in the next social gathering. But after that one function, would you be that excited to wear it for the next one too..?? Think….Think……And if you choose the world tour option, what would you get??

Well, a lifelong experience, a new place to see, new things to buy and an altogether different routine for a couple of days. These experiences turn into memories that last for a lifetime. The experiences can be good or bad but whatever they are – they become a story and you can share it with everyone you meet.

Research shows that people who buy experiences live longer and are much happier than the ones who buy material possessions.

Let’s see how:

1. Material purchase has a limited thrill factor

We all have experienced the thrill while taking the credit card out of our pocket and paying for THE shoe or THE bag that we sooooo wanted to buy…..but what happens after that??? We wear them for sometime….and over a couple of days we get weary of that material and long for a new purchase….Am I right or am I not wrong 😉

2. New experiences open the mind to newer thoughts

An experience can change ones personality completely and transform the way one thinks about his or herself. Sometimes an exposure to certain things in life can change the way you lead your life and make it much more productive and the lifestyle becomes more positive. The new routines, new languages, new faces can make us get rid of the normal routines and scientifically that’s good for the brain too….well there is a term relating to it which is called NEUROBICS…care to know more about it….Google it…

3. Money spent on experiences is better expenditure

If your trip to a place was a disaster, there is still something that you must have gained out of it. If it was the weirdest food you just had then it’s okay. Maybe you couldn’t even talk to anyone there because of the language problem, but you wouldn’t forget the tidbits of that language which you learnt during your stay and those could be your reason to flaunt while sharing the experience with your fellow mates. Aaammmm…mucho comprende espaniol…!!!

4. Consumption leads to more consumption

The circle is a vicious one. You want more with every purchase. So you just managed to save enough for you favourite watch but when you swipe your credit card for the purchase, you suddenly realize there is a variant in leopard print too…!!! The complete focus shifts and the happiness and the excitement fades away. You keep looking at other watch and thinking that your wrist would look so voguish with this leopard print watch worn with a loooong LBD.

An experience, whether it’s buying a ticket to a play or a cricket tournament is much more exciting that buying a new wardrobe. A material purchase gets you to a dead end; you go around a few days, show off your purchase, get tired of it and then what..?? Time for a new one…but experiences can go on and on…you can keep talking to people..sharing knowledge and gaining knowledge in return.

5. Experiences keep on giving

In the end, experiences get us closer to people. Happiness is not buying new stuff or whether it is for you then it’s just for a limited time. If you love shopping, buy things that can add to the experience in life rather than just your wardrobe. A material purchase tends to create envy among your peer group, whereas sharing stories about adventures can certainly get you many new friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy that latest travel deal and start packing!!!!!

Team Khurki
Team Khurki
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!


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