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19 ‘Abused’ Celebrities From The Glamour World. Stop Domestic Violence!

Domestic violence is a widely used term when we talk about separations and divorces. It depicts that the marriage has gone through physical trauma too. Many a times, we see celebrities coming out in public and generating awareness regarding this act of crime. Yes, domestic violence is a crime. Accusations of domestic violence are not taken lightly when it comes to the law; this is because domestic violence is a form of abuse that could end in a loss of life. Organizations worldwide try their best to raise awareness for this matter, helping people understand what they should do if they find themselves in an abusive relationship or what to do if they are ever accused of domestic violence. Legal counsel plays a big part in both cases. You can click here to visit the website of a law firm if you would like to learn more.

It can be hard to believe that celebrities that we watch on tv and listen to every day, go through the trauma of domestic abuse. We always think celebs live a fairytale life, but that’s not true. There are some couples who have gone through a big-time turbulence in their relationships, be it our very own Bollywood or not-so distant Hollywood.

Who are they? See for yourself:

1. Shaleen and Daljeet Kaur

Latest one from B-town is this couple who had won the fourth season of celebrity couple dance show ‘Nach Baliye’ and got married soon after. Daljeet claims that ever since her marriage, she’s been abused by Shaleen but she kept mum because she considered it to be the adjustment phase. The duo have a baby Shaarav, who is with Shaleen. They are involved in a legal battle at the moment.


Here’s a glimpse of the couple when they were living a fairy tale love story.

2. Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan

The Aishwarya-Salman affair had generated a big storm when their break-up story hit newspapers and tabloids. But what went wrong between the two most ‘good-looking’ people? Well, after the split Aishwarya was found saying that she had to endure Salman’s alcoholism and was at the receiving end of his abuses and infidelity. Many people find respite in a rehab centre like Enterhealth (https://enterhealth.com/) if they want help with their addiction to alcohol, but Salman didn’t follow suit.

They broke up when Salman indirectly confessed to her that he was cheating on her. In 2000, Aishwarya’s parents also filed a police complaint against Salman Khan for stalking, threatening and trying to forcefully enter Aishwarya’s house.

This whole episode took another leap in 2002, when Salman came onto the sets of Chalte Chalte. Furious actor “reportedly” hit Aishwarya and pushed her on the ground and destroyed the sets. As a result of all this high-end drama, Aishwarya was sacked from the film and Rani Mukerji was roped in.


3. Zeenat Aman and Sanjay Khan


A successful actress, model and former beauty queen, Zeenat Aman’s married life and her relationship both were unfortunately far from being perfect.

In the 80s, Zeenat’s relationship with already married Sanjay Khan ended on a terrible note. There were reports that Sanjay brutally bashed up Zeenat in front of his wife in hotel Taj. He thrashed her so much that Zeenat got a permanent scar on her eye.

After this incident, Zeenat went into the state of shock and had to be injected with anti-depressants three times a day. Her marriage to actor Mazhar Khan was also an unfortunate one, as Zeenat Aman continued to face the trauma of an abusive husband until he died of renal failure.

4. Somy Ali and Salman Khan


Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali admitted that she wanted to marry the Bollywood actor in the 1990s. But what seemed to be a rosy affair ended due to Salman’s abusive nature. Somy Ali later moved to the US and now runs a non-profit organisation that rescues battered women and victims of abuse.

5. Sabah and Adnan Sami


In 2009, Pakistani singer Adnan Sami was booked for abusing his wife Sabah in Mumbai. Sabah went on to complain against her husband saying he hurt her with a cigarette butt. The couple reportedly got divorced after a three-year-long ordeal.

6. Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola at the 14th Annual CFDA Awards Salute a Year of Glamour in NYC. January 30, 1995. © John Spellman / Retna Ltd.

Singer-actress Mariah Carey confessed on Larry King Live in 2009 that she was mentally abused by ex-husband Tommy Mottola. She admitted that it was not just marriage, but also her career which was in some way bound to him as he helped the singer during her initial years.

7. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown


The late singer Whitney Houston suffered a violent marriage with rapper Bobby Brown, who allegedly beat her up during their years together. Brown was arrested in 2003 for domestic violence.

8. Madonna and Sean Penn


Singer-actress Madonna was subject to domestic violence from ex-husband Sean Penn in 1988. The couple divorced and Penn was alleged to have had violent outbursts towards his wife.

9. Tina Turner and Ike Turner

tina and ike-khurki.net

The singer was battered, raped and injured by cigarette butts by her late husband Ike Turner. In her autobiography, Tina documented the incidents, which Ike admitted to be ‘accurate’.

10. Kangana Ranaut and Aditya Pancholi


When Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut first came to Mumbai, she was helped and shown the way by actor Aditya Pancholi. A short affair followed with the already married actor, who was then charged of domestic violence by Kangana.

11. Halle Berry


Hollywood actress Halle Berry confessed to being hit so hard that it led to an ear injury in 2004. However, the actress never revealed the ex-boyfriend’s identity.

12. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


Pamela Anderson reported of domestic violence by ex-husband musician Tommy Lee Jones in their four years of marriage. The drummer kicked his wife Anderson when she was holding their son Dylan. Jones served a jail term for the same.

13. Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva


Hollywood actor Mel Gibson admitted to have hit ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva and even threatened to kill her. Investigations later revealed an audio tape which found an angry, out-of-control Gibson who even broke her teeth!

14. Shweta Tiwari and Raja Chaudhary


TV actress Shweta Tiwari suffered an abusive marriage with actor Raja Chaudhary, who hit her repeatedly and even threatened to kill their daughter! An alcoholic, Raja confessed to Shweta about his affair with another actress. The couple is now divorced.

15. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen


Hollywood actress Denise Richards admitted to have been verbally abused by ex husband Charlie Sheen. The actor also threatened to kill her during their four-year marriage, which ended with a messy divorce.

16. Yukta Mookhey and Prince Tulli


The former Miss World Yukta Mookhey is also a victim of domestic violence. In 2012, she submitted a written application in the Mumbai police station against her husband, Prince Tulli alleging harassment and abuse. Following which, the police carried out an inquiry but no FIR was registered.

Recently, she finally filed an FIR with a dowry harassment case against him. She has claimed that Tulli has been verbally and physically abusing her and forces her to have unnatural sex.

17. Dimpy and Rahul Mahajan


Right after the much-publicised Swayamwar, Dimpy Mahajan was seen making headlines for her charges against her husband Rahul Mahajan. She spoke out loud about his abusive ways and how Rahul used to point his gun at her during their fights. When Mumbai Mirror met up with Dimpy just hours after that incident, there were bruises on her shin, right and left hand, while her left cheek was swollen. There was also a lump on her head.

18. Rucha Gujrati and Mitul Sanghavi


TV actress Rucha Gujrati, who made her debut with Ekta Kapoor’s show Kkusum is another victim on the list. She was married to businessman Mitul Sanghavi and reportedly her marriage hit the rock bottom due to the physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband and in-laws.

According to reports, sources said Rucha was tortured and badly beaten on many occasions by her husband and in-laws. The torture was to an extent that she was even deprived of meals and asked to foot the bills for her expenses.

19. Rihanna and Chris Brown


Music stars Chris Brown and Rihanna were once an item until domestic violence started happening when Brown beat, bit and battered Rihanna. Chris continues to face a public backlash against his actions, which left Rihanna bruised and battered after he attacked her during an argument.

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