Who said boredom at work can’t be dealt with? We tell you how…


Well it is a common belief that ‘work is worship’ but at times it is just a ship! That takes you to the ocean of boredom. Not everyone has the freedom of leaving the job and travel the world. Certain people need to carry on with their jobs for life. Also not everyone hates their job like everyday. It is just that there are days when you just connect to the vibe of workplace, it just doesn’t match your mood.

Struggling with boredom is certainly a tough deal but there are ways to make life easier. So for those who are quite regular in facing this issue, you have landed at the correct space. Your work environment & spirit to work affects your output. So let’s find out ways with which you don’t have struggle anymore to kill that boring monster!

Get Up Early & Work Out

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Early morning workouts can definitely be a tough deal in beginning but it can also help you gain all the enthusiasm to work efficiently. Having an organised morning will certainly change things for better.

Innovate Your Desk

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Your work place is like your second home. And you certainly need to feel at ease & happy at work. Keeping pictures of loved ones, some toys, decoratives stuff, et al. This will definitely cheer you up, and you can always play with those toys when bored.

Power Naps

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Relax a bit, sometimes you are not bored but just tired! And all you need is 15 relaxed minutes of undivided bond between you and peace. Be it your desk or a rest room take a power nap and get back to the job again.

Extra Work

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Yeah, and before you skip this point read the sense we are trying to make out of it. If your work is dull and boring, there’s no harm in taking some extra load. It will keep you engaged and it might end up making you an over achiever.

Learn New Skills

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There would be a lot of things that you can learn during work. Like some online tools that can help you make better presentations. Well it completely depend on the kind of job you are into. Learning some skills directly or indirectly related to your work will help you grow in certain ways.


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A minor shuffle in your monotonous routine can certainly change things for the better. Start with the route you take to office. Take a different road this time. It will certainly help you feel the change. And then you can also change your daily tasks, just shuffle the first thing to the last thing. We all have daily tasks, you can shuffle them – at least for those which are not time bound.

Web It Out!

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Another thing you can do is start researching online. No boss would ever object to healthy browsing during office hours. It will give you knowledge and give you the much needed relaxation for a long time.


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If none of these propositions make any sense to you, then the problem probably lies somewhere else and it is not regular boredom. May be you need to change the job or address that personal problem affecting your work. Well, self introspection is the key!

So what you do when bored at work? 


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