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Struggles of Buying A Christmas Gift For Your Better Half!

Your loved ones always deserve the best. So, this Christmas spoil your partner with an unexpected Christmas gift.


But then the struggle of finding the perfect gift starts. What should you get her? Clothes? Accessories? Games? Perfume? And women, don’t think you’re getting away that easily, what do you get him? A new game? Shoes? a golf set from a site like pineclubgolf.com? Does he even play golf?

Aaaagh…!! There are chances that you just bought him or her something and guess what…they just bought themselves the same thing today..Damn!! The whole effort goes down the drain. We all know of this struggle and it’s not just during Christmas, it’s practically on all occasions.

Let us tell you about the struggles one has to go through to buy the perfect gift for your loved one:

Thinking of getting something different

When you think that you’ve bought him a unique gift, but then you realize that it’s actually not a very unique one..Grrrrhhhh!

Ummm….Is there anything that he doesn’t have?

Everything you plan to buy for him is either already on his shelf or on the shopping list for the day. How about a personalized neon sign that says something cute, that could be used as a centerpiece in his bedroom? You could always fall back on e-stores like Neon Filter that can help you find the right wall piece.

Don’t want to repeat the last year’s gift

Oh God! Please help me find something really worth gifting. Don’t want to let him down.

Getting him the same thing every year

I always buy my love the same gift every year. Does that mean I don’t know my partner well enough?

The want vis-a-vis need dilemma!

Do you get them something they want or need? Or both? Will you then end up spending loads more than him? Can getting him a sports merchandise solve this problem? Like gifting him west coast eagles guernseys?

How much money should you spend?

I would not cope with difficult gifting decisions.


Gift that speaks for itself

Want to make him remember me for my love and sweet gestures for him.


Despite all this, he will be grateful

No matter what you get for him, he will be grateful for the fact that you put so much thought into your gift.

thank you love

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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