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Reasons Why Your Ex May Still Like You!

Breakups don’t always reflect absolute truth about how things are or how they are going to be. They are uncertain and a lot of things remain just in the air.

You left

One of the most confusing part of a breakup is figuring out how your ex really feels about you. It’s not like you can ask them outright. Even if you did, the answer in all likelihood won’t be correct.

After a breakup and even having another person in your respective lives, why is it that you just can’t stop caring! Let’s find out how you can know even after a breakup, the X-factor still has feelings.

Because they know that they can have you any time

Major turn off for ex if they believe that they can have you any time.

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Still sees you as a friend

Does he talk about other girls he likes? When this happens that means you two are just friends and he is comfortable sharing everything with you.

Still feels good sharing and bonding with you

If you have been friends for a long time, it’s quite possible that you know each other better. Possibly, coming from similar fields, you can talk for hours even after a breakup.

To take revenge

To make you go through the same pain and agony that he/she had experienced.

Desire to get another chance

May be he/she realises their mistake and wants another chance to reconcile.

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Makes efforts to keep in touch

If your ex is calling/texting you after the relationship has ended, it’s a pretty clear indication that there’s something more happening beneath the surface and their interest in you hasn’t changed.

Snooping on you

Your ex will make every chance to glean information from you to see if you are involved with someone else. Check status-es, social media and the works.

Still has those deep feelings

Does the face light up on meeting you? Do you get the feeling that updating you on his life after you is more important than anything else? That means he still has those feeling for you.

Doesn’t want to lose you

No matter how hard the situation was when you broke up, at times you need each other not physically but for mental support.

Misses you a lot

Beautiful memories, good times! Being with someone special is what you can never forget.


Guilt of betrayal

She has loved me with all her will and I did her wrong  🙁 I am Sorry Love

Still respects you

For all the amount of happiness you ever brought to my life, I thank you from my heart <3.

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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