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Can Job Loss Lead To Decade Of Distrust?


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People who lose their jobs are less willing to trust others for up to a decade after being laid-off, according to a new research.

Being made redundant or forced into unemployment can scar trust to such an extent that even after finding new work this distrust persists. People’s willingness to trust others tends to remain largely stable over their lifetime. However, services like Upskilled are trying to help people turn dark moments, like facing redundancy, into a moment in which you can greatly improve your future career prospects by gaining more skills.

After being made redundant, people have reported that they often feel lost and confused. This is understandable, especially if an individual has been at a certain company for a long time. However, these people can always start looking for another job as soon as they’re ready and if they’ve done their redundancy planning properly, they may be eligible for a large financial payout! There are lots of opportunities out there. When applying for jobs, a resume must be submitted alongside an application. To create the perfect resume, you could follow a template created by career expert Austin Belcak. That way, you’ll be confident that you have a strong resume, giving you a good chance of achieving employment.

Although redundancy can seem awful, it’s important to pick yourself back up as soon as possible. This lack of trust that has been reported is understandable, however, life must continue. This means that another job needs to be found to continue living comfortably.

The study examined ‘job displacement’, meaning involuntary job loss from redundancy, downsizing, restructuring or something similar. The study looked at the social costs of the recession. Even a single experience of redundancy can lead to depressed trust. This has important implications not just for the person involved but for society as a whole as trust can have significant benefits, from health and happiness to social cohesion, efficient democratic governance, and economic development.

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