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Bhaji Is Getting Married To Long Time Lover Geeta Basra


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We have seen them together and have heard about them too…so, this is pretty much expected news…so all you girls who still thought that Bhaji is just having a passing affair wit Geeta Basra, then I am sorry aapka dil choor choor hone wala hai.

This couple is getting married and the dates as of now, as per our gupt sutras, is 29th October…but will be finalized once Bhaji comes back from Sri Lanka.


Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh have never accepted their relationship publicly but their presence at many occasions together has confirmed quite a bit of their closeness…Janta itti bhi nasamajh nahi hai Harbhajan babu..!!


Club Cabana near Jalandhar has been booked for the wedding and the news was told to be kept confidential…Yeah right..ROTFL!

Many have been invited and many are still waiting..chottu beta check karna hamara dabba pahuncha ke nahi ab tak..??


Jokes apart…Khurki wishes this couple a stable, patient, long lasting, trustworthy, faithful marriage ahead..phew aajkal sochna padta hai kahan kahan shaadiyan fail ho rahi hain..!!

Here’s a look back into their relationship:

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