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Beauty Cheats To Change The Way You Wear Make-Up!



Your official beauty bible by make-ups sovereign…


Bobbi Brown started her eponymous brand 20 years ago, with a simple yet impactful philosophy: To empower women with the right make-up and knowledge to look and feel like themselves; only prettier and more confident.

make up

Keeping that in mind, Bobbi Brown’s products don’t weigh your natural features down. Her first creation, the Brown Lip Colour, followed by a range of nine other shades in the same colour family, first went on sale in 1991 at Bergdorf Goodman,

And that’s why-with Brown’s realistic approach to beauty-your perception of make-up will change, if not forever, definitely for the better.


make up

Many people nowadays are searching for new ways to rebuild their skin in order to achieve a more youthful, flawless appearance. You may be persuaded to buy such items after reading some invisicrepe body balm review and incorporating them into your own skincare routine. Skincare is an essential first step in any beauty routine. When I first got into skincare, I had no idea what I was looking for, as there were just so many products out there that were targeted towards different skin types and concerns. I didn’t know where to start!

Ever since a friend of mine recommended I check out this new trend (which at the time was Korean skincare), I decided it was time to put a lot more thought into the sorts of products I was going to buy and use things that would add moisture into my skin, as no one wants to be walking around with dry skin. Now, skincare is very important to me, and it should be for you too. My friend has also said that she has been seeing dermatologists in London recently, so she can help perfect her skincare routine, making sure she’s not damaging it during the various seasons. That is a good recommendation to have, especially as skincare has become extremely important for people to do now.

? Be sure to cleanse the face twice a day with an exfoliating or gel (not cream) cleanser, to rinse off any dirt or make-up that has settled into the skin.

It creates the perfect base for makeup. For normal skin, use a lightweight moisturizing lotion. For dry skin, use a rich hydrating cream or balm, like ones you can buy via VCI‘s website. For oily skin, use an oil-free formula that hydrates and helps control oil production.

? The right eye cream and face cream will ensure that concealer and foundation go on smoothly and seamlessly.

? Wear SPF everyday. Too much sun exposure is a sure-fire way to look older before your time. Sun protection should be a part of your skincare regimen even during the cold winter months – use a moisturiser with SPF 15 protection when you’re running errands or going to work. If you’re going to be outdoors for an extended amount of time, use a waterproof sunscreen of at least SPF 25.

? Use CC Cream SPF 35 under foundation to even out skin and for instantly healthy-looking, even toned skin. It delivers a blend of colour correcting coverage and high performance treatment benefits in one easy step.

Under Eye

make up

? Every woman should have concealer, mascara and blush. I have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t look more refreshed and awake with a little bit of under eye concealer. It works by lightening any under-eye darkness, instantly giving the eyes a lifted appearance.

? Reach for concealer first, it’s the secret of the universe. A good concealer can make the most immediate and dramatic difference in how you look. It lightens up dark circles, brightens up your face, and makes you look well rested. Look for a creamy formula that’s yellow-based and one shade lighter than your skin tone.

? Begin your make-up by applying under-eye concealer that is one or two tones lighter than foundation to help lighten any under eye concealer and then prime your lids with face powder. This creates a base for the shadow to stick to.

? When applying corrector and concealer, you can start with a brush, but the heat from your hands will help the product melt into your skin better and look almost undetected



? When choosing foundation, make sure to use a skin-tone correct formula. Foundation should perfect your skin tone, not create a new one. Always try to match your skin tone exactly.

? In natural light, make a stripe of the foundation from your cheek to your jaw line, and gently blend it into your skin. Now do the same with another foundation that’s one shade lighter and another that’s one shade darker. The shade that’s imperceptible, should be your pick, but double-check it against your forehead, since some women tend to be darker here. If it works in both areas, you’ve picked a winner.

? It is best to use the powders over make-up – after you’ve applied concealer, foundation, and blush; I think it looks great as a last step to enhance your look and it can perfect anything. Think about it as the last accessory you put on before you head out the door.


make up

? To make colour standout, use two shades of blush. Apply your natural colour and then add a pop of brighter colour on top. To accentuate cheeks, use warm tones such as bronze, pink corals or dusty pinks. This will instantly brighten up your entire complexion.



? Lipstick trends come and go over time. Sometimes women gravitate toward pale lipsticks, other times bold red is the colour of the moment. But I’ve found that women will always reach for a lipstick shade that matches, or slightly enhances, their own natural lip colour. That shade never goes out of style.

? Nude lip colour can instantly give you a more polished look. To find the perfect shade, use the natural colouring of your lips as a guide.

? If you’re not quite ready to wear a bright, bold lipstick, relax. There are a handful subtle, easy ways to try an intense lip colour or modify it for a more casual look. A red lip pencil can be very versatile – create your own shade by mixing the pencil with your favorite neutral or brown lipstick. Or, try smoothing lip balm or Vaseline over your lips, and then fill them in all over, using the pencil.

? If you want a high-shine lip, try a sheer gloss in cherry or purple-red.

? If you want to extend the wear of your lipstick, fill in the lips with lip liner or lip crayon first, and then apply lipstick on top of it. The liner creates a base that allows the colour to adhere. Make sure the liner or crayon that you’re using is close to your natural lip color.

? Try blotting lipstick with your finger – it presses colour into the lips and creates matte stain that lasts.

? Blue red lip colours instantly make teeth look whiter.

? Use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate dry skin on the lips. Apply a generous amount of lip balm, especially at night before bed, and in cold, windy weather.

? Don’t coordinate your lipstick to your outfit or your nail polish – it looks dated.

? Have fun with brighter hues of orange, pink or coral but use a sheerer lip colour formula or lip gloss to create an effortless look that is perfect for summer.

? It’s important to strike a balance between your eyes and lips – you never want your features to compete with each other for attention. Pair your bold lipstick with fresh, clean skin and a neutral eye – try natural coloured shades of eye shadow and classic black mascara.

Courtesy: Vogue India
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