All You Bike Lovers, Here Are 7 Reasons NOT To Buy A Royal Enfield!

For the ones who are diehard fans of Royal Enfield, then we are sorry to say that this blog may disturb you a bit. At one hand where we have people going crazy for Royal Enfield bikes, at the same time there are ones who find it tough to tackle it with the Enfield machines. Undoubtedly, they are good but not for everyone. When we look at the reasons of buying a Royal Enfield bike, we must also know the reasons of not buying one. Khurki will tell you in simple ways:


8. Causing Noise Pollution

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We all know the amount of sound Enfield bikes make. Bullet in Punjab is a matter of pride for youngsters and to add on they do extra efforts in increasing the amount of sound and it really irritates.

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