You’re Neither Extrovert Nor Introvert? 7 Signs To Prove You’re Ambivert!

There are people who are extroverts and introverts, but there is one more category ambiverts. A person who has the balance of both the above mentioned. Making it clearer, for those who fall under both the categories forms the third one.

There are times when you feel like talking to every other person, and other times when you want no talks at all. You are always in this dual personality mode. No this is not about you don’t want to talk to people when you are sad. It is for those who loves to be silent even when they are happy or normal. The mood has nothing to do with it, or at least not completely responsible. And all these categories have struggles of their own, and toughest are of the rarest. The people who are neither introverts nor the extroverts, but the ambiverts.


7. People think you are an introvert

When you feel like not talking to others. Or may be when you are so complete with yourself. People judge you for an introvert, which certainly you are not. And obviously wouldn’t want to be remembered as one.