The Most Painful Injuries That Really Hurt Bad

In case you ever wondered what the khurafati dimag is, then this video has many examples of such stupid(s) who ended up with the most painful injuries ever!!

A lot of times stuff happens which makes you realize later that you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. But well, broken bones take time to heal…haina..!!

Painful Injuries

What happens when you simply go out of your mind and do things which are obviously dangerous. Watch for yourself…

I am specially shocked at the boys who flamed up their friend’s hair…I mean how effing ridiculous..!!

Here’s one more…

Why would anyone jump from the roof top on a ball??

One more:

Such acts only result in painful injuries, right!

In case you thought that you know idiots well, I am sure this one would have changed your mind..!!

Please DO NOT try any of these stupidities at home.