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Can’t Imagine! Outrageous Addictions Khurki Has Found!



Some people like to play music, others like to go for treks, and some like to hog on their favourite ice cream.

But then, there are some who like to take this pleasure one step higher. Once a pleasure becomes an obsession, it can be termed as an addiction too. We warn you beforehand that some of these addictions are so gross that you might throw up, so don’t blame Khurki later..

Normal humans, please stay away. Rest of you enjoy!!

1. Gulping down a bottle of Vicks Vaporub for breakfast


Most of us cannot take the smell of Vicks, eating it is not even an option. But a lady called Danielle simply cannot resist herself when it comes to Vicks. It took one taste to get her hooked onto it for life. She just loves the melting feeling in her throat. Eeeks!!

2. Cat fur for dessert


Most of us adore out pets, but none of us have their fur for dinner. But you will be shocked to know that Lisa a forty three year old lady, cannot resist the fur of her feline pets. Till date, she has eaten 3,200 balls of hair.

3. Husband’s ashes for lunch


Coming to terms with the death of a loved one is not easy for any of us. But a widow called Casie, just could not come to terms with it. One day, when she was remembering her husband she accidentally licked her husband’s ashes and then couldn’t stop licking it. Since he was a carpenter, she says the ashes taste like sandpaper and bricks.

4. She loves chewing diapers for dessert


Babies smell like heaven. And their creams, lotions and powders smell even more delightful. Keyshia is a crazy mom, as she loves the smell of pee in her daughter’s diaper. And that’s not all, she also chews on them.

5. Getting stung by honey bees


Bees can scare almost all of us and their sting can be really nerve racking. But we found about Margaret, who relieves her pain by getting herself stung by bees.

6. Obsessed with big boobs


Women have been obsessed with big boobs since centuries. But sometimes, this obsession can go overboard and turn into something obnoxious. Meet Sheyla Hershey, who has spent a fortune on increasing her breast size. Her breast size is 38KKK!!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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