Dog Is A Child’s Best First Friend! Don’t Stop, Let The Relationship Flourish

Who doesn’t like babies and who doesn’t like dogs. Not in that order, maybe! But when it comes to dogs and babies together, our opinion changes immediately!

Some find it dangerous, some unhealthy, some unsafe! Well, love & care is way beyond what science or doctors or parents for that matter may have to say.

Bringing up a child is a lot more better when you give your child a dog as a companion. This is supported by a recent study that says the presence of a dog around an infant helps build his (the baby’s) immunity and prevents allergies.

Not just dog allergies but allergy he might catch from grass, mud bugs, etc. It also good for the child as in future he/she will have no fear of dogs.

No matter what, dogs are the best protectors ever who love the child of their master more than their own selves.

To add more weight to what we are saying, here are some pictures that prove beyond all doubt that a dog is definitely a child’s best friend!


16. Mommy: “And then comes a big dragon”