Celebrities Making Money Even After Having Gone For Years!

Fame and legacy of most celebrities stays around for many years. But did you know that major celebrities also continue to earn loads of money a long time after they are dead?

Check out these super rich celebrities making money even though they have been in grave for many years now:

1. Michael Jackson

$115 Million – 2015


He left this world six years ago, but his family continues to reap from his success till date.

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2. Elvis Presley

$55 Million – 2015


The man was a legend and one of the few celebrities who is loved by people of all generations. The maximum amount of revenue comes from ticket sales at his Graceland home.

3. Charles Schulz

$40 Million – 2015


If you are wondering whom we are talking about, this is the man who created Snoopy for us. The comic strip still earns his family loads of money as royalty.

4. Bob Marley

$ 21 Million – 2015


Bob Marley is a heartthrob and will remain so till eternity. Even after his death, the two companies he used to own bring in big money. And his music still sells like hot cakes.

5. Elizabeth Taylor

$20 Million – 2015


The lady with all the style might have died many years ago, but her name still sells. Her perfumes still bring in lots of money and the brand is still high up in the rankings.

6. Marilyn Monroe

$17 Million – 2015


The lady continues to live in our hearts and don’t we long to have her pout. Her clothing and lingerie line rakes in lots of money till today.

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