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Khurki Is Super Proud Of These Female Players!


Priya Aurora
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Sadly, in our country cricket manages to grab all the attention. This, irrespective of the fact that our tennis players, shuttlers, and hockey players have earned us great acclaim time and again. And it’s important that people take up a variety of different sports to find what they really enjoy playing. Not everyone wants to play a long game of cricket and some people might prefer to play a sport like tennis instead. The more people that play, the more funding and opportunities the sport will get and you can learn more about getting into the sport here.

Secondly, women players fail to get any attention at all. But there are certain women players who rise above the crowd and force you to pay attention to them. Today, we have for you such women players who are sure to make the country proud for a very long time in the coming times.

1. Ankita Raina

The lady has world ATP ranking of 222 and is working very hard to improve it. We can bet that you will be hearing her name in the news for the right reasons.


2. Rani Rampal

The National Hockey Team is incomplete without her. She has been playing for the nation since 2010. Her list of laurels is very long and she is definitely a player worth looking out for.


3. Apurvi Chandela

The lady hails from Udaipur and is one of the finest shooters in the country. In her kitty, she has a gold from the Commonwealth Games and we have high hopes from her for the Summer Olympics in 2016.


4. Akanksha Vora

The lady came in spotlight when this swimmer won 6 medals at the National Games in 2015. And mind you, in that tally, 5 were gold. She set two new national records. With so much talent, she is definitely going places.


5. Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu

She is a gem from the North-East and her weightlifting is sure to impress you. She won the gold at the Commonwealth Games held in 2014. The lady holds a lot of promise and we wish her all the best.


6. Vinesh Phogat

The lady is determined to carry forward her family’s glorious name in wrestling. She too has won a gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Like her family, the nation too is super proud of her.


Keep up the good work girls!!!

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