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Do You Hate Milk Too? Wonder How Can Anyone Like It?


Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

Wake up, drink your milk! This was the early morning mantra for so many of us. You gave up fighting with your mom who insisted that you have a glass in the morning and a glass in the evening. If this story sounds familiar to you, then you will surely agree with us.

1. There was a fight in your household every morning over milk

Some days, you felt it was your mom’s mission in life to feed you milk. Maybe she was hoping one day you will become a superhero.


2. Bournvita/Horlicks/Coco/Elaichi nothing worked

Your mom tried everything, but failed.


3. You mastered the trick of pouring it down the drain

A single second that your mom went out of sight, you threw the milk down the drain or gave it to your dog. Hopefully you got away with it on most days.


4. Hot chocolate is not melted chocolate

You have always wondered why hot chocolate is called that when it does not resemble chocolate at all.


5. The malai on top is soooooooo sick

The malai on top would make you puke and you simply want to run out the door.


6. Your dog couldn’t stop wagging his tail in the morning

The vet wondered why the dog was getting fat. While you winked at your pet.


7. When people drink big glasses of milk, they look like aliens to you

How can somebody like milk? You just don’t get it.


8. Given a choice you will have Sandoz but no milk

Anything will do, but no milk.


9. Your nani has given up trying to feed you malai chini

She doesn’t take no for an answer and you can’t understand why she doesn’t get it.


10. You have been offered all kinds of bribes to drink milk

Toys, McDonalds and chocolates you have been offered everything.


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