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Waiting For Weekend? Here Are Some Stress Busters!

The essence of work is changing at vortex speed. The deadlines are taking a toll and creating enormous stress. This stress is causing havoc on your health. Stress is not only bad for health but also works as a demotivating factor. Having the right balance in your life is a critical part of managing stress but for those who are struggling to achieve that balance can use cannabis to even our stress levels.

Statistics show that more and more people are opting for self employee options rather than working for companies. But there are companies which are taking measures to curb stress and help create a happy environment.

Have a look at this video. This will surely make you smile…

Having watched the video, we thought why not give you ways to cope with stress at work. Read on to shoo your stress away!!

1. Get organised


This one can really help you get an upper hand in your work. Make proper folders for your sheets and stuff, and you are sorted. It’s also good to spend some 5-10 minutes for managing your to-do list.. This way, you know what you have to do for the day. Getting organised gives you a feeling of being in control. Hence, no stress.

2. Take a break from the stressor

It may seem difficult to get away from a big work project, but give yourself permission to step away and take a breather. This may only be for 10-15 minutes, but it will surely help you feel energized. During one of those breaks, it might be helpful to use marlboro cannabis to improve the ability to reduce stress during your breather. But we all have different approaches to make the best use of our breaks, so experiment to find what is right for you. If you are interested in learning more or trying cannabis, you can visit your local dispensary or choose a medical cannabis dispensary online.

3. Smile and laugh

Our brains are interconnected with our emotions and facial expressions. When people are stressed, they often hold a lot of the stress in their face. Try and smile and you will fell the difference.

4. Turn on the music

Nothing uplifts your mood like music. Music increases your visual ability and improves your concentration too. It boosts your memory and makes you less anxious. So, turn on some grooving beats.

5. Learn to relax

Exercise….Sounds abrupt..!! It doesn’t mean that you leave all your work and start doing sit-ups or crunches at your work station. But it’s important that you step away from work and take a stroll. Something as simple as a walk can boost your mood, make you feel refreshed and most importantly help you to relax. If you are still struggling to relax, you could check out some of the CBD products available from somewhere like Tonic Vibes to see if they could help.

6. Establish boundaries

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to feel pressured to be available 24 hours a day. Establish some work-life boundaries for yourself. That might mean making a rule not to check email from home in the evening, or not answering the phone during dinner. This could take control of the anxiety causing factors.

So, the next time when the work monster is trying to get you, try these tips and get rid of it. There’s always a way… Remember, we suffer more often in imagination than in reality.



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