Weird Things Couples Do In Each Other’s Presence!


When couples have been together for a long time, they get so close to each other that they become well aware of each other’s general reactions.

They are able to communicate with each other without speaking. They begin to live in a pretty little world of their own, one that becomes their very personal private bubble.

And in that bubble, away from public eye, couples develop weird habits that differentiate them from other people and strengthen their bond as a special unit.

Khurki presents to you a list of weird things couples do!

Wearing each other’s clothes

This is something couples love to do, especially when they have spent a lot of time together. Girls like to borrow their boyfriend’s large sweatshirts because they are comfortable and guys might tease their girlfriend by trying to fit into something of hers.

Using each other’s brush

Yes, couples tend to use each other’s brush after being together for a long time. This may seem Ewwww but still people do it.

Their sign language

This may seem awkward to the people around them, but the couple is in their comfort zone. Can’t help!!

Farting or burping without hesitation..

When couples are extremely close, this is something they end up doing. Without even the slightest sense of shame or regret, they fart or burp in front of each other when they feel like it.

Playing with each other’s body parts

This is a weird, yet cute habit that most couples have. They love to tickle each other for the oddest reasons.

Embarrassing nicknames

They call each other by these names mostly when they are in private. Though most of the names have no literal meaning.

Weird selfies

Such pictures are the best expression of their true selves. They don’t hesitate posing in their most natural way.

Doing each other’s hair and make-up

Funny, but yes in their private zone they do it to have fun. Painting each other is absolute fun…

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