And these are the winners of International Drone Photography Contest!

Times have changed recently. Photography has advanced hand in hand with technology, and thus the pictures people are taking have just got better and better. Aerial views are now more commonly referred to as Drone Shots. Looking at photographs taken from the skies is like having a god-like view and is something everyone loves. Drones becoming popular with time has taken aerial photography a whole new level.

Something getting so popular involves masses, and when masses are involved then there are favorites, and with favourites there are then winners. Recognizing this, Dronestagram is one of the biggest & prestigious awards for drone photography.

And these are the few winners of the lot!

Amazing. Well done to all involved! If you fancy a go at taking some aerial photographs with a drone then it’s worth getting one – you might like the DJI Mavic, which is awesome for aerial photography. Which picture is your favorite?