What When Your Lover Is Your Best Friend!


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For every relation to really work, one should be best friends first and then partners or lovers. Many people claim that a relationship with your partner is different from that with your best friend.

I believe every relationship depends more on understanding and if we develop this special sort of relation with partners, it works beautifully.

It’s really difficult to develop that care, understanding and respect in arranged marriages but if you want to know what chances you and your partner have of lasting together – you need to be his/her best friend first.

That’s the reason why a majority of people end up marrying their best friend.

Reasons why your partner or lover should be your best friend first!

You feel more involved in the relationship

When you get into a relationship with your partner as a best friend, then the level of comfort remains strong.

Know each other’s good and bad sides both

As best friends, you are already familiar with each other’s weakness, insecurities, dark as well as bright sides. This helps in building a more powerful relationship.

Fighting and disagreements get very interesting because the person you want to complain about them to…is THEM!

You become very truthful to one another

Ever tried lying to your best friend? Moments later, you tell them what you lied about because this is something good friendship does to us .

You share each other’s clothes

It may be considered weird for lovers to wear each other’s clothes, but when couples are best friends, weird is often the norm.

You actually listen to each other

Your best friends are always there to actually listen to you. No matter how much you want to talk, they will never get bored of listening to you – so develop this relation with your lover as well.

Your social life would be fun…. you can do childlike things together and gossip about your friends

You both will get more than comfortable doing just about nothing together

Simply chilling, walking, talking, eating, drinking or just sitting or cuddling. No one to restrict!

You actually will get an honest answer when you ask them how you look

When people say you are a cute couple, it will sound weird to you. Hehehehe that I am sure!

You will get stupidly open to each other, which is good in every relation

To be so open with each other is nearly impossible, but since you two started off without the intention of being in love, you didn’t have any protective shell around you.

You can see yourself growing old together

Stop Smiling! Have a Blasting Friendship Day!!!

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